Everything is big in Texas,
but nothing is bigger than its heart

Donation Goal



The Heart of Texas Tour - October 14th - 31st

Join Daniel Barousse on his ride through the heart of Texas raising money for youth skateboarding and outreach.

The Message

Whenever I picked up a skateboard at age 11, it gave me the power to believe in myself and gave me something that I loved so much that I didn’t care what anyone else thought of me. It allowed me to be me. It taught me to get up when you fall down and it taught me that no matter how bad it hurts, if you want something, pushing through the pain to achieve your goals is worth it every time. This is what I hope to help bring to many kids all over the globe. Join myseland all of the partners on this ride through the Heart Of Texas as I cycle to every skateshop in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas. Our goal is to give away 1000 skateboards for free to kids in every city on the tour. Skateboarding changed my life. Together we can do the same for kids all over. Much love

Daniel Barousse
103 life!

The Tour: Raising Money at Stops & Shops

The stops are built around the four major cities in the heart of Texas and working with each city’s local skate shops to raise money to give kids free skateboards. I will be riding over 700 miles throughout Texas to every skateshop I am partnered with. I will start the journey in Houston, TX at Geometric Skate Shop. From there I will bike to every skateshop in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth to showcase the skate shops who have partnered with me on the mission to give kids free skateboards - each one of these shops beats the heart of skating across Texas. I'll be stopping to skate with their teams, showcase the stores, and hanging out raffling off products so we can raise funds to give out free skateboards to the youth in need. All of the proceeds will go towards free skateboards and lessons for the local youth.

Priority Bicycles is partnering with me and every skate shop along the tour by donating a co-branded “Ace” single-speed bicycle to each shop. No Comply, Select, Geometric, Southside, Magnolia, Deli, and The Point will each receive a custom one-off bicycle that will be raffled off to raise money for our collective goal. Throughout my journey, I will be riding Priority’s “Apollo” Gravel Bike—the same one I rode during my last bike tour. Priority Bicycles specializes in low maintenance, reliable machines that feature carbon belt drive technology which means no rust, no grease, and a super smooth ride. This will be my third extended bike-packing trip riding a Priority and it will not be my last. Thank you to the entire team at Priority Bicycles for getting behind our cause and believing in the vision from day one. Also, thank you guys for making seriously kick-ass bikes!

RedBull is sponsoring the ride in probably the most organic way a company ever has in my eyes. From the top of their internal structure their exact words were “We just want to see good people doing cool shit and we're happy to support in whatever way we can to see that happen.” RedBull wants absolutely nothing in return for their commitment which makes me want to work with them even more in the future. Thank you to everyone at RedBull for truly being great people and wanting to invest into good causes all over.

"Their new peach flavor goes hard!"
-Trey Abrahams

Element Skateboards is also a contributing sponsor on this ride and got that I am so grateful. From day one Element has been a brand committed to grass roots skate initiatives all over the world. Element came in completely unprompted and just wanted to help me get skateboards to kids. Their entire team has been amazing and so professional on every level all while believing in the chase from the day the company was founded. Thank you to everyone at Element for knowing the value of what it means to go do kick flips in your driveway alone.

Show up and win!

For everyone who shows up at the events, there will be special day-of prizes as well. Let's do this!